Friday, February 25, 2011

Ended in a headache (On delay)

Out to get to business today. With one of the major area's needing addressed being sales this is where I come in. After a day of discovery my I have a solid headache. Not one of those can't move headaches, just a general pain. I am not used to being this engaged for so long.

This is my third one of these and it is interesting to see how much is similar yet how much is very different. One thing different about this SWOT is it is being recorded by a professional video crew. I can't count how many times I forgot I was tied to a microphone and got my chain yanked! I will post the site where the episode will be when it is out. I quickly forgot the cameras were around (Except for the 100 degree temperatures that the lights put out) It will be interesting to see what is in the video versus what I saw. It would be very difficult to put a video together that is only a 1/2 hour long yet filmed over two days!

It was very refreshing to see a company with the processes in place. It was amazing how much easier it is to evaluate a company when they document what they do. However the perfection that created the processes also caused some road blocks. In the pursuit of perfection came some degradation of production. Clearly there needs to be a good balance of both.

I also really gained a respect of Lyf and his unique insites into the technical side of the business. He quickly identified some areas of leakage and even faster identified the possible areas that were the main areas of concern.

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