Sunday, January 9, 2011

How many names can you have?

Account rep
Customer Advocate
Customer Representative
Account Manager
Territory Manager
Architectural Representative
Solutions Analyst
Results Specialist
Results Expert
Results Producer
Results Developer
Results Manager
Results Supervisor
Relationship Specialist
Senior Consultant
Senior (Insert title)
Business Development Specialist
Regional Sales Manager
Acquisition Specialist
Sales Director
Director of ...
Chief opportunity Director
Relationship Manager
VP of Sales
Sales and Account Manager
Senior VP of Sales and Account Management
Education Sales
Sales Development Director

Just a short list. Really however they are all long title for Sales. Why hide this? We in the industry already have trust issues surrounding our career, then we come up with these titles to "Trick" us or other? Maybe we should all have titles of "Sales Person" Quick, honest and everyone understands what we are.

Sanitation engineer (Were you fooled?)

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