Saturday, January 8, 2011

Keeping up with the Joneses

Watched the movie The Jone$es (Spelled that way on the cover) Was not real sure what it was about other than keeping up with the Joneses. It was suggested to me by Netflix.

Turns out it had a strong sales message in it. It really plays to the stereo type of sales being some kind of under lying psychology and making people buy things to be important and at some level buying things to extreme to the point they go bankrupt. In this movie the Joneses are a plant of a fake family to get the neighbors and community to buy stuff just because it is cool, make them more important and such. In the end this even goes to the extreme of someone killing themselves. (Don't want to give too much away to ruin the movie)

It is unfortunate that this is the view of most people on sales. Takes quite a bit to over come this vision.

Helping people is what sales is really about. Finding solutions to problems, matching product to people who have a want or a need.

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