Thursday, September 9, 2010

You say, what about print!

Print? Ok, when I refer to print, I reference any print media. From email, twitter, postcards, enewsletters and such.

There are some good copyrighters. I however am not one. I can come up with some good idea's, but grammer is a HUGE challenge (as you can tell by the blog)

Anyway, recently some of the idea's I have are around getting people's attention.

We have all seen;
you can save money
you can make more money
buy from us...

Point is, it is old and worn out and does not make me want to read what they have to say. The titles like
Top 5 ways to save $250 or more a month
Learn the hidden secret that IT companies do not want you to know!
Beat the competition through these 3 new to market concepts.

Sure, you have to deliver some GREAT content. Again, unique, interesting and educational. Use statistics, build a case and present the solution. Build a process that you can repeat!

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