Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Marketing?

I was discussing good marketing versus bad (Well or average) marketing with Tammy the other day. I was looking at an insert in a newsletter and it was saying what a company does. You know, we serve this, we are great at this, customer service is wonderful and blah, blah, blah.

Really, I never got past the first line. I could have told you about what the rest of the print was going to say. Same old, Same Old.

I know that company paid a hefty sum to have this developed. And sure, the graphics were right on, the text would be right out of some English book for its accuracy and if I was classically trained in marketing, I am sure that I would appreciate the symmetry of the text, graphics and color across the page.

Well, I am not. The purpose of the marketing should be (As discussed earlier) to really help soften the market, bring brand awareness, and such. The piece that I was speaking with Tammy was a brand awareness piece. It said nothing unique, no real market distinguishing factors and did not really teach me anything.

Why not be unique, capture my interest (As we know,I have a short attention span) and give me value. At least entertain me!

Examples of some good marketing that crosses my mind.

Where's the Beef!
OK that one was old school. How about the new Kia commercial! Music alone is worth the view!
And speaking of music. What about the Bologna commercial lets face it, a whole generation learned to spell bologna from this commercial.

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Stuart R. Crawford said...

Steve, I love the Oscar Meyer commercial. What can we do to make something truly ours. I think that should be the goal. How much did the Bologna commercial cost OM. Cheap Labour! Cheap set! and a lasting experience and something truly unique.

Stuart Crawford
Microsoft Partner Marketing Consultant