Monday, September 6, 2010

Sales and Marketing?

Ok, that is the title of this Blog. Question is, can sales and marketing be separated? Are they different?

I suppose the answer has to be yes. I know lots of really good companies that do sales, yet have no real marketing. Sure, some of the sales reps do some marketing. And yes, the companies do some "lunch and learns", however they do not really have much beyond that.

Many ask what is marketing?. Yea, I Googled it. No real help there other than to suggest I should define Marketing as I refer to it in this Blog.

Here is my definition.
1. A process to bring market awareness to your brand, company and services.
2. The building of a brand. (External and Internal)
3. The softening of the market to make it easier to sell into (Direct Sales)
4. The development of LEADS?
5. The Positioning of a company
a. As a leader in the field
b. As a good corporate citizen
c. As a "Green" company
6. I would also suggest that Marketing and Media Creation would be in one bucket. Media creation is the development of print, online media, Logo's and such.
7. The development of online presence and social media integration.

I will have more on marketing on going.

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