Friday, August 13, 2010

(on Delay) From 49 to 100 today

Last night we ended with a simple American meal. Hamburgers and Beer. You know you choose the perfect location for a meeting when people decided to move their flights around and stay a day or two longer.

Around the table last night we were discussing our guides that did the White Water Rafting. It was a family owned business where it was Grandpa, Dad, son, daughter in law all being guides. They did not have the Cadillac equipment, but it was good however they were all EXPERTS. It showed in their actions, planning and performance. They were all very personable and really were 50% of the trip. Explaining the different features of a river, the the types of trees, rocks and such. It was really entertaining. They did not try and push buying photos, shirts or other on us. They simply wanted a referral.

Wow, what could we learn from this in the IT industry. It is not about the speeds and feeds, it is about showing our expertise in a humble way, great customer service and well planned out execution. It is about the customer, not the stuff.

So today I start the drive home. Sad to see the trip end, happy to see Jenifer and the boys. Being gone last week and this week has put me out quite a bit. I am ready to get the new ideas I have picked up in to execution stage, not ready for the heat. One more trip in the near future. Caden and I have a trip to the Lake house. I am going to teach him how to kneee board and I am sure tubing will also be on the plate. (He is now an expert in his mind) School starts in a couple of weeks and it is amazing how quick time goes by. I now am father to a 2nd grader!

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