Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day one HTG 3 (On Delay)

Day one started out slow. (Maybe a bit too much bar last night) However we really caught our groove mid morning. The group has been together long enough to really let everyone know how they feel. It is nice to get there. The QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews) are a little all over the place. Clearly the amount of time you invest into the report shows and helps you get value. We struggle on how much time to give. If you let it go, every member would take 2 hours and it is all we would do. However not enough and people cannot get to the key points. The presentation is as important as everything else.

We had a great dinner with Jan from eFolder. Great friends, great food and great time.

I had a chance to connect with several new members in a deep way. I cannot wait to get at it in the morning.

PS Mountain air is great! Views do not get any better!

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