Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(On Delay) Amazing Sites and Amazing friends

Met up with several friends from HTG3 last night. Had some great times catching up and even doing a little business. It is absolutely beautiful here. Mountains with streams running everywhere. Really makes you appreciate nature and keeping it clean.

During some of our business discussions last night we had to discuss the "Knock Knock" Plan (Attributed to Ron) Anyway, the real discussion came to an employee in a company that did not like what they were doing, the company did not like what they were doing yet no one would make the first move. It is my opinion that everyone would be happier if it came to an end. The company can move to a new way of doing business that is more productive and profitable and the employee will find a position somewhere they like (And if they do not, we know where the problem is)

Trying to be gentle in such situations may be more harsh than giving direction.

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