Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jenifer is a Hoarder!

OK, that got her attention. If anything she is the opposite. She is always on me to throw (Valuable Stuff) away. Everything from paperwork and cables to stuff in the attic. I cannot keep anything. An example is the newspaper. Here in Hays, we get the paper in the evenings usually before 5. However the moment I have a chance to sit down, she is asking if I am done with the paper, she is going to throw it away!

I have two drawers that are my “Junk area” When we used to live in a smaller house, I had 2 rooms! I would suggest that Junk is relative. Jenifer has a whole room of “Decorating Goods” she stores all year for each season. We have more than four at our house!

1. Fourth of July
2. Summer
3. Fall
4. Thanksgiving
5. Winter
6. Christmas
7. Winter after Christmas
8. Easter
9. Spring

I am sure I am missing some.

Anyway, I am going to have to start storing stuff in my car just so she does not throw it away!

So, what is the business lesson here? Well at the first of the year, I went all digital at the office. At first some people thought I was clearing out my office. I had to reassure them I was not leaving. So check my drawers in my desk. Pretty much nothing. I have about 5 folders.

1. Inventory (Could be digital, that is a new goal)
2. Credit card receipts (have to keep them somewhere and they clear out monthly)
3. Old reviews. (No reason I could not scan them)
4. Marketing prints (Really want to keep them, this is how they are delivered to customers)
5. Some bound proposals that were large. I use them as training examples

That is it! Otherwise I have some give-aways that we use in sales. Flash drives and such.

I have not missed the paper at all. I find myself throwing away quite a bit of paper. Many meetings I go to they give me handouts. I ask for the digital version which most have no problem giving and then I store it in my laptop. If anything, I am more organized. I know that I have it on my laptop and I am more diligent on making sure I stick with my filing system. I have been real particular about backing up my laptop now that it holds pretty much my entire work life.

So I am now “Green Certified” at work. Jenifer, here is my thought! We will use digital signage (That is those HD TV screens you see in businesses advertising their wares) at the house. I will hang 15 to 20 screens and instead of getting out your totes of “Decorating Goods” we will just change the display season. In addition, when the games are on, I can just put them on every screen! That way we will be Green at home!

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