Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I boring?

Jenifer (MY WIFE) says my blog is "Boring" In that case STOP READING IT!

Anyway, taking cues from her, I have recently been bombarded by BORING marketing.

You know.

Download our free white paper (Why, who cares, what makes you an expert to write a white paper)

Attend our "what ever" and earn a chance to win an i (Pad, phone, pod) If I really wanted one I would have it, if your content was interesting or on topic I would attend.

Tune in to our "What ever" Most have some boring title like how to sell more, make more money, market better. Most that I have attended were selling something and deliver little value

So you say, how would you do it? Provide value. Make the presentation 15-25 min. NOT 1-2 hours or more. Give the value up front! BE a little weird, make it interesting and entertaining. Start on time, that drives me crazy, we are going to wait to start for the late arriver? Maybe I should be late. Make some points that I can remember. 1-5, top ten, make it clear. Give me a takeaway. Make it fast paced. I have a short attention span. Tease me, then if your information is pertinant to me, show me where to go to get deep!

OK a bit of a rant today. Probably a boring one. However, it does not take me two hours to get groceries a week (How boring)...Will pay for that comment later.

If I get enough comments, I will be glad to blog about Jenifer for one week. I am sure she will find that interesting!

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Arlin Sorensen said...

While I don't find your blog boring Steve - I would love to read about Jennifer for a week and then follow that with a week of what Jennifer did to you for blogging about her all week. :-) Keep up the great thoughts!