Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jenifer is Driving me Crazy!

More specifically, her driving drives me crazy. Even her back seat driving is bad! A couple of weeks ago when we were on vacation she had so many words for me about driving in the city. The "Virtual" passenger brakes were worn out! The reality is in the big city you have to be aggressive or you will never get there.

Anyway, back to her driving. When turning right she goes into the far left lane. When turning left, she goes to the far right lane. Blinkers? Never hear of them! Lets not even talk about what happened to the rims on the Tahoe?

Well, I am sure after this post I will get a little back seat driving!

So what is the business link?

It is all about taking criticism. Do you learn when people try and help make you better? Or do you get defensive and attack? I will let you know what Jenifer does!

PS We have 6 hours worth of driving on Sat. (Which I will have to drive while she sleeps) I am sure to find some criticism then!

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