Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary Jenifer!

11 years married today. Amazing how time goes by.

You ask what we got for our anniversary? Well we agreed that our trip to Florida in a week will be our gift to each other. However my gift was my in-laws moving out today! More on that tomorrow!

I did have a chance to watch some of the wedding video. It is amazing how people change.

Some lose weight
Some gain

Some look much older
Some look the same

Some are no longer with us
Some are grown up

Some are married
Some are divorced
Some have done both since our marriage

I do have to admit, I look similar. A bit more weight, but not too much.

Carsen watched some of the video with me and wanted to know where he was at.
Anyway, it has been a great 11 years and look forward to the next 11.

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