Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ah my house back

Yep, they moved out yesterday.

To be honest, it really was not that bad. I will miss the help around the house. I will not miss the noise around the house at 4 A.M. The month went quick. The kids adjusted quickly.

Poppa had his nightly agenda. Eat early (Hopefully by 5:30), watch his recorded shows, get the kids stirred up right before bed and off to bed for himself.

He has some strange habits.

Puts the knifes he uses on the edge of the sink (The ones he uses to butter his toast and such) By the end of the day there can be 3 or 4 sitting there. He tends to be the instigator. Either with the kids, Jenifer or Nana.

Of course Nana has her daily rituals. Work, home to read a book, dinner, dishes, Internet (Not sure what she is looking up) then goes downstairs and stayed up for another hour. (Again not sure what she is doing)

She has some strange habits.

How can her and poppa generate so much laundry. That machine ran every day. Maybe many times per day! CLEANING. Her work, the new duplex. However not my house. Whats up with that!

I did find out she gets a bit grouchy when moving. She spend 5 days cleaning and was not done. FYI I do not mean moving, I mean cleaning the duplex before anything was moved in! On the flip side I believe she was happy "Organizing" once the boxes started to arrive.

Don't even ask Rich about the furniture thing! OK do this is my way of stirring!

So now that I have on set of parents out. In a week I spend a week with my parents!

After all this bonding I will be ready for some time alone.

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