Friday, July 6, 2012

Ice cream Sandwich

Finally Lenovo released the 4.0 upgrade to the Thinkpad Tablet. (No mom this is not about food. Ice cream Sandwich is the code name for Google's Android OS (Operating System)). Not sure why it took so long and it came the same day that they released Jellybean ie 4.1 Nice I am still behind and I am sure it will take another forever to get this update.

Anyway the upgrade was painless. Took about 45 minutes to download and install. Nothing I really had to do other than to say upgrade. Everything came back up. I had 3 apps that were not compatible, or at least didn't work and I deleted.

Overall the unit functions quicker, the browser experience is faster and interface is cleaner. Not much change otherwise.

So I use the Lenovo for business and the iPad for home. I have to give the edge to the iPad. However for almost double the cost, if I add that in the Android is a great experience. Now this fall Windows 8 comes out and should be a game changer!

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