Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hope for the future generation.

It feels like every time you hear about the next generation (Speaking specifically about that generation in college right now) all you hear is gloom and doom. They are lazy, can't put their electronics down and do not know how to interact.

I would like to say that I have hope. My first glimmer of hope comes from teaching college class. Sure, there are some slackers and those who won't make a passing grade. My guess is that this is no different now than it was when I was in school. Lets even go further to say that many of my teachers would have suggested that if I found success it would have been at avoiding work. I have seen many of this generation I have not only seen success from but even suggest they will exceed those in the business world today.

The second way I know is because of Blake (Our Larks player this year) he has been considerate; says thank you any time you do anything for him. He has been respectful; if he says he will be there he will and probably be early. He has been responsible; he takes great care of our boys and they idolize him.

Here Blake is yesterday pitching until all the neighbor boys (And our own) were content (OK it may have turned dark first) They got to brag to all their friends they hit off a Larks Pitcher. (Now to be honest he said he was throwing 10% power but the boys don't know the difference)

We had a chance to meet Blake's parents last weekend and it is not hard to figure out why he has all of the above traits. His parents definitely showed him right path. Heck even his sister Megan (Valedictorian - I had to look up how to even spell that) (Not Leah Jenifer) may have contributed a bit.

This has been our second year hosting a Larks player and both years have been great. Both players have really added to our summer fun.

Best part? I have yet to be beat by a Larks player in Golf!

PS If you happen to run into Blake you have to ask him about his nickname. "Chicken on the bone"

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Mark St. Peter said...

That's a great nickname. My kids all call fried chicken, "Chicken on the Bone.". I'll have to ask the meaning behind it.