Monday, March 5, 2012

Cyber Security scaring the "Heck" out of me.

This title from 60 Minutes discusses how a "Virus" was written to seriously disable the Iranian nuclear factories.

Quotes like "The next Pearl Harbor will be a Cyber Attack" "We use cyber weapons to create physical destruction" "We will suffer a catastrophic attack. The clock is ticking!"

Then I deal with businesses every day that don't believe they are a possible target. Attackers will go after single computers, networks or even your cell phone. It is coming. Take it a step further and think about this. Many new cars come with things like OnStar. You have a computer that controls key systems including ignition, navigation and more. This computer is connected to other computers at that manufacturers location. That could equal a significant threat?

Recently I saw a top ten list of threats for 2012. One of the top items were viruses that had been patched by Windows over 3 years ago. People were not patching their computers and this could cause significant threats.

Even the most basic practices can go a long way. Making you more secure than your neighbor. This makes them the best and easiest target.

If it hasn't happened yet. It will.

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