Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yep, I love it! And Tammy pay attention.

One of my Christmas presents to myself was a Pioneer Receiver. HERE is the exact model. What do I love about this unit. A couple of major features.

1. It does all my HDMI switching. No more cable mess behind the TV. HDMI cable from the DVD/Blu Ray player and such and one cable to the TV that is it. Works great and sounds better.

2. 7.1 Surround sound. The middle speakers really make a difference. I mounted 6.5" speakers in the ceiling (Can be done surface mount, flush or just put them on a stand) It really makes the surround pop and adds a new dimension to sound!

3. Airplay. I can find something on the ipad and instantly put the sound on the receiver from anywhere on the network! Carsen has liked it even more.

As a side note the Harmony remote completed this package. The remote that came with the receiver was not great. It was ok.

OH YEA and Tammy, Gerard absolutely must have this before the Super Bowl. This way he can watch it in 3D and hear it in 3D. I will be over to inspect this is done by then.

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jennifer anderson said...

Using my marketing research in blogging,,,lol...I will tell you to not use white writing on a black bacground...it has a glare and is not visually appealing. My own thought are to use a slightly larger font size and different fonts to break up the look of sameness.
But you have some interesting entries.