Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adding value.

Recently we had to switch Vets for Jersey. Our previous Vet closed her business to do other things. We needed to find a Vet prior to Christmas to Board Jersey and we selected this new Vet due to availability. (To be honest I have heard nothing but good things for all Vets in town)

My experience was good with this Vet. They took her in, gave her the shots that she was due and she was obviously happy. When I picked her up, they had some added value! Her nails were clipped and she was given a bath.

A week later I was sent a survey of the experience.

A little while later I was sent a User Name and PW for a website on animal health.

Last, in the mail I received a newsletter/magazine called Health Pet from the same Vet.

Now that is going the extra mile.

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