Saturday, December 24, 2011

What Frosty can Teach me

We were driving from Great Wolf Lodge to my parents house today for Christmas Eve and every one was excited after a great couple of days at the water park. (PS Jen that was a great idea) Anyway Frosty the Snow Man came on the radio and the kids were singing along. I was listening to the words when it came to me that the song could teach us all somehting. Imaging if you were born and given only one winter to live. Some would be mad at the world. Not Frosty. He was happy to thave the time that he was given and living life to the most. You might even say that when he came to the traffic cop a negative person it barely even phased him.

Make the most of your Christmas, Go laugh and play with the kids and live in the moment. Rarely do we have a chance to just celebrate together.

Make the most of this day.

Merry Christmas

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