Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Man things

So if you didn't know we had quite a snow yesterday and this morning. This gave me the ability to do a few "Man Things" that I think every man should experience.

First is AWD (All Wheel Drive) or 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) To be able to bust through 3 foot snow drifts and keep on going there is just something manly about this. Watching other cars struggle at intersections, stuck in parking lots and maybe even unable to get out of the garage. Sure, Jenifer drives her Tahoe in 4WD and can easily make it to work. Yet she does not enjoy the fun that can be had with this power.

Second is the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) In this particular case it is the fun of driving through the snow, blading off the driveway and of definitely pulling the kids on the sled.

If you need to experience either of these give me a call. My neighborhood has plenty of willing driveways and I will be glad to show you how to take the 4WD off road.

Maybe if your lucky I can show you a third later this week and you can take both of these in the MUD!

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