Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Register.com great marketing idea.

I had Register.com give me a call this weekend. It is where I have SteveRiat.com and RiatFamily.com registered along with several other services. I was expecting them to want to renew one of the services that I have. Nope, they were offering to design a website for me for free and then do all the services to drive business to my site. Now I am not really interested in more people going to my site other than the ones that are looking to go there and I really am not wanting to have a professional site. However I had to figure out the details.

Like I figured, it was not free. They design it for free and will let you see it. However, you must pay for the service for it to be deployed. Hey, it got my interest.

Beyond them making this offer. The agent that called me had been to my sites and was familiar with the content on it. He went to explain how their service could be better than what I had. I appreciated that they did their homework.

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