Thursday, December 8, 2011

I think I should have been an appliance repair man.

Or maybe I should wait till I get the latest attempt completed. A while back I repaired the dishwasher. It had stopped filling with water correctly. I found a valve that was worn out, got online and found the correct part and a few days later I was in business. Felt pretty good about that one.

Recently the ice maker has been dripping water down the freezer part of the refrigerator. I had seen the repair man remove it before and replace it in a few minutes a few years before. How hard could it be? 5 minutes later I had it out and discovered the problem. The coating on the ice tray was flaking off. (This explained some contaminants in the water) On line I went and hopefully in a few days we will be back with ice. I will let you know.

PS The dishwasher is still working great!

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