Thursday, November 24, 2011

My annual Thanksgiving Rant

I have to post every year how the day after Thanksgiving still haunts me. It was a love and hate relationship. Go back some 13 plus years with me when I managed a Radioshack. I had to make sure I was back in town and be in the store at like 4 a.m. to put up the "Black Friday" deals. Not to worry, I was not alone. I tried to only have the minimum people before we actually opened. We were always swamped once the door opened. More people than we could help. Anyway, from this day till after the first of the year, 60 plus hours, tons of inventory and paperwork then to end it with inventory on January 1.

I read an artical about Target and an employee that was protesting having to come in at midnight. I understand his concern. However it was part of the job. That part of the job was one large piece of why I left retail.

My understanding of people who get up (Or don't go to bed) to get that super deal is gone. Perhapse I have more money than time.

Just remember that when you are out shopping during the holidays. Have some patience with those helping you. Remember that they gave up family time to help you and earn a living.

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