Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lets get Serious Sirius

I was speaking to Loren the other day about Satellite Radio and he suggested this blog. So in dedication here it goes.

Loren a long time Sirius subscriber recently wanted to add a new car to his subscription. He called and they could not add the radio due to it being an XM Satellite Radio instead of a Sirius. Now if you did not know this, they are the same company! See here!

They told Loren he would have to open a new XM account. Well it cost them the business. Maybe they will some day learn about customer service (I doubt it)

If you remember some years ago I dropped my Sirius because the rates continued to go up and then they removed services (In my particular case I wanted the online streaming and it had been removed. It was additional)

Now I get emails from Sirius asking me to come back for rates like $5 for 6 months with no commitment past that. Well if you would have just had the online streaming in my $20 a month rate I would have kept your service and you would have made way more money.

I like the service, it worked well. However I do not see me going back.

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Andy Stanton said...

Eagle Radio IS much better!!!!