Saturday, September 24, 2011

First impressions of Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet

First of all it has micro USB charging and standard cable. Thank you! For the good. Reasonable weight, good screen and very fast. As for its ports;
USB (Full Size0
3 in 1 Flash card reader
Dock connector
HDMI and more!

They got all of this right!

It is a bit thick, however for the ports I see the need to be this size. It does have a bunch of junk programs pre installed. Easy to get rid of.

I have two complains. The on board memory of 16 GB. Should be 32 or 64 with my experience of the other tablets. With music, documents and video you will use this. Now the nice thing is you can use the ports for more memory.

THE PEN. This tablet accepts a pen and it can store on-board. Has a nice slot for it. To my surprise it was empty? Come on, now you have to order a $35 pen (Plus shipping) Just build it in.

Otherwise. It is not the most thin. However it has the best configuration and expandability.

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