Monday, June 20, 2011

I finally figured out who took a bite out of the Apple on the back of my iPad

Or at least now I have an idea? I had a dream last night that my Android and my Apple got in a fight. The Android took a bite out of the Apple. Then Microsoft Exchange got mad at both of its children and spammed them until they hugged.

Something has to be wrong with me when my dreams start centering around my electronic devices.

Then, just like Freddy Kruger movies I wake up and start to wonder if it was real? Yep, there is a bite out of the Apple, the Android seems to have moved a bit and when I go to write down this entry the Windows PC is requiring a reboot. (I am on to you Exchange!)

And right then I realized (After not cleaning out email for 5 days) there really was a Nightmare In My email!

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