Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sales versus Marketing?

The other day I was ask the difference. Let me lead off to say that each is important.

One major difference is the fact that you usually do not market one on one. That is left to sales. Sales builds that person on person relationship. Marketing is more like the bombardment of a target from the air. You really cannot see the people you are trying to reach. Sales is like the ground troops.

I read that in a article the other day talking about sales. To be honest I really do not like using military as the example. That relates sales to war. Bad sales is like war. You against them IE You against the client. That is not it at all. Sales should be about building long term relationships, fulfilling needs, helping others and more. None of that should be confrontational.

OK Today's post is a bit of a ramble. Back to the subject at hand. If you are going to be successful in sales, you must market yourself, the company and the solution. This opens people to new ideas, wants and needs that they may have not seen before. Time and time again I have seen companies stop spending marketing dollars first to help the bottom line. That is like digging up a flower to get it to grow. You must plant the seed, water and nurture, then see the results. (Plant the seed is marketing, water and nurture is sales, results are profit) Now, if you plant a seed in bad soil you will get poor results. By excessive watering you will not get better results.

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