Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The live meeting.

While "Live Meeting" refers specifically to a brand, I am generically speaking about remote meetings with a remote view of some one's desktop.

Today I sat through one of these with a customer (And several others) Granted they did schedule this meeting for an hour and a half, that is WAY too long. Can anyone really focus that long on this type of presentation? I would suggest that these meetings should be 1/2 hour long and only go over if the customer drives that conversation. If you cannot adequately present your solution in this time frame, you should probably do it in person or some other means.

Bottom line is have an agenda.

Ask the customer for input prior to the call and have their input on the agenda.

Repeat the customer needs at the beginning of the call so you know exactly what they are wanting out of the call.

If you are going to go over, ask for permission and define exactly how much time you will need.

At the end of the call define the next action and set a follow up time.

Pretty much all calls I am involved on that are set by others, all these rules are broken.

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