Saturday, February 5, 2011

(On Delay I am back now) Off to HTG Q1 VEGAS!

Up this morning to Fly Hays and if everything works out, Fly Hays was a GREAT choice. With Wichita with almost a foot of snow, KC with more and almost everything from Salina east closed I probably would have not made it on time to Vegas.

Picking a coat this morning was a bit difficult. With actual temperatures in the negative and wind chill well below -30 I need some real protection. However by Friday in Vegas it will almost be 70. I am opting for the heaviest coat I have. I can take it off but if I get really cold it is hard to get warm.

As for the rest of HTG3 we will see how their travel plans work out. SoCal will not have much of a problem. I know that Dave and Lisa are going to drive. However our members from the east coast and Midwest may have some significant issues. I hope that no one has to stay overnight in an airport...

I look forward to the meeting and should be fun!

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