Sunday, January 30, 2011

I made it through the night...

Thursday morning I found myself putting on a sales meeting with some new product deployments that were key to the team and a raging headache, sore throat and more. It was so bad that I do not remember much of the second part of the meeting. I will see tomorrow how bad I was.

Friday and Friday night it continued to get worse. Jenifer meanwhile continued to point out how I should have went to the doctor on Friday. (Do you know that Insurance commercial where they ask if a drill Sargent would make a good therapist? That is similar to Jenifer when I am sick.)

Anyway, I missed Caden's school carnival and Tammy's 40th birthday. Finally I am starting to feel human again. This all came on at a very bad time for me to miss some productive days. HTG next week, lots of stuff on the plate anyway so this week will be very busy.

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