Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watch out Dove

Going to do something it has been years since I have done it. Me and Caden are going Dove hunting tonight! Last time I fired the shotgun around Caden, he did not like the sound much.

I did find some interesting services that are really handy.

First I had no idea where my Hunters Safety Card was. Web, here I came. And thanks to the Kansas Wildlife Department, it was easy enough to re-print. Of course for a charge. I was more than willing to pay. I did not have to leave my house to get it, where in the past I would have had to go to the local office and probably had to wait while they pushed paper. That is nice.

Then again to get the hunters lic. Same thing. Web here I came and it was easy to buy from the house.

Easy revenue for Kansas Department of Wildlife and easy for me. They got it right!

All companies should make it this easy. From upgrading your cable to a bigger package (Why not on line) to changing your cell bill and even your insurance plans. I am sure some companies offer some of these services. Many times you can do some options but not all....

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