Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going Digital

If you have been following the Blog, you may remember that I have gone all digital at the office (Home is almost there). What does that mean, simply if you check the filing cabinets, there is nothing in them. OK, I have 4 files.

1. Receipts for the company CC.
2. Marketing information. Stuff I want to see how it actually went out!
3. The "Boss" file. He is a analog guy. So I have to take some docs and print docs for him sometimes.
4. Not scanned yet docs. Not many things in there most of the time. However sometimes I get behind

Anyway, where am I going with this. I believe it is soon time to go digital with books. I have been studying e-book readers. Consumer Reports suggests the Kindle from Amazon. And of course they have several models starting in the mid $100's. Everyone I have spoken with loves their Kindle.

However, I have looked at the iPad. A multipurpose device, seems cool from what I have seen. However I am a Microsoft guy. The Slate devices are not quite their. However all their apps and such would work nicely with my existing infrastructure.

Like everything else, why can't all my devices just play nice together. Any one's input would be greatly appreciated!

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