Sunday, September 26, 2010

How Windows Mobile 6.1 almost made me miss the game?

Went to the Chiefs/49ers game today. My good friend Kevin took me again. (Not sure why he would keep doing this other than he is a giver) Anyway, we leave at 5am so to get there to tailgate.

For over a decade, Jenifer has had the alarm clock on her side so on these occasions that I have to get up early, I use my mobile phone. (Windows mobile 6.1) I always worry about over sleeping, however my internal alarm clock goes off before the actual alarm clock. ALWAYS!

Not this morning. The good ol phone locked up and shut off sometime in the night. I woke 8 min till 5. Just enough time to hit the bathroom, dress and get the ribs out of the fridge. No shower for sure.

So, this week, I will pickup the new alarm clock for my side of the bed and not worry about this at home any more. However on the road, it is a different story.

PS, my niners lost badly. Still, I get to cheer on the 3-0 Chiefs!

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