Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ePad update

So it has been almost a week that I have had the ePad. I barely have a chance to use it due to the kids really enjoying it. It has been a real educational tool. Carsen plays memory (Charlie Brown version), Puzzles, and watching videos. Caden has been using the math program to help him with his addition and subtraction. Tonight we had another fight on which one got to use it.

The good; The screen quality, touch works good, ease of use and tons of free apps.
The bad; Battery (3-4 hours with heavy use and wireless), No multitouch, Internet surfing is slow and wireless has been an issue. You cannot use WEP otherwise it shuts off the wireless after a short while. I have a couple of AP's around the house and set one up to do mac filtering and now it works good.

End of story is that it is a good educational tool, simple to use, however it is not quite baked yet.

Once again this is the Zenithink or ZT-180 or ePad.

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