Monday, August 2, 2010

Report after day one (On delay)

Spent the day with Robin Robins and her speaker training. Learned quite a bit about not only presenting but closing sales during presentations. Most sales training that I have gone through in the past had to do with;

Cold Calling
One on One appointments
Proposal delivery
Overcoming objectives

The standard sales training. This training really turned things into a different view. I have heard others in the industry refer to Robin as the best in the business when it comes to closing from the podium. I would concure.

Sure, I will definitely improve my skills presenting and such. I also see quite a benifit to my daily sales skills. I was very impressed with her ability to tell sales stories. I have heard her tell a couple of these stories many times. She tells them almost the same way with as much or more impact every time.

Like I thought, this would really challenge me. There are many high level players in the room that has forced me to step up.

I look forward to Friday and see what comes.

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