Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scary? (On delay)

As noted, I am home from the trip, this is on delay....

I have read and heard the advice a couple of times that says, do something that scares you. Well, this week I am doing that (Although I am not exactly sure why)

I am traveling to KC today to fly out tomorrow to Nashville. I am taking some training offered by Robin Robins. It is to learn to sell like Robin See the link to see the exact details.

Anyway, this course is pretty pricey for two days. I have yet to meet Robin in person, however I have done a couple of events with her and listened to all her boot camp. As part of my homework for this event, I listened to her information on the trip here. It has been impressive and unique. I look forward to the class. In addition there will be 10 (Or so) other people attending that I probably have not met before.

We will see.

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Stuart R. Crawford said...

Hope you have fun with Robin....She is an amazing sales person...someone I look up to.


Stuart Crawford
Calgary, Alberta
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