Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love my Garmin BUT

So driving around Florida this week, I have noticed that the maps need updated. They are a year and a half old and things have changed. Addresses do not exist, businesses have moved and more.

I use this quite a bit and when I am traveling it is a must. In fact I am not sure I could use a paper map any more. (Some may suggest that I never did know how to use paper)

So here is my problem. The map update is around $80. I can get lifetime maps for $119. Lifetime is not such a bad deal, however the Garmin that I have is around 5 years old and the Lifetime is only for one device. So if my device goes bad I would have to buy a new subscription.

So, do I
: Live with the old maps?
: Buy a one time update?
: Buy a lifetime for the device that I have and hope it does not fail?
: Buy a new device and then buy a lifetime for it?

It all equals money that I do not want to spend on something I already have! You may ask why I don't just use my phone. It is not as good. (Not even close) I guess I will wait till I have to travel to some unknown place then update. (Then I might start searching for a new one!)

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