Monday, June 14, 2010

The Gulf Oil Update

So we sit in Santa Rosa Beach (East of Pensacola FL) and no sign of oil here. Lots of worry about what it could do if it arrives.

It would definitely change the economy here. Everything along the cost is driven by tourism and such. The beach houses, the restaurants, pretty much everything. It would be a disaster to the locals.

As for the vacation Carsen is slowly getting better with the water. Caden loves the water, especially the pool. Today the beach has quite a bit of seaweed and we did not spend much time there this morning. Even Caden did not want to wade in the green.

Caden is exploring the local wild life. Lizards, beetles and strange things we do not have in KS. No boa's however, that is what Caden really wants to see!

HOT, HOT, HOT, more than just a bad 90's song here. Heat indexes well above 100 and the AC cannot keep up in the house. Our bedroom in the early evening is well into the upper 80's. I like to sleep cold. Not so good here. However, when you swim and play all day, sleep is not so much a problem!

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