Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another really solid Marketing Event

So we had another solid marketing event today. Packed full of information for internal sales & Technical staff, customers and more.

Usually I get a bit stressed about people showing up to these events. Not today. We did the first part of the day with PEER groups. We had 20 some members that showed up and had great discussions around issues that face them every day. From where the cloud is going, end users and more. Then we had a good presentation from Daniel with MX logic and then a Disaster recovery discussion with Veda (SP) from Quorum Labs.

Next we had a public presentation to another 20 or so people on the same two subjects. We did not do cold calls to customers or do multiple mailers. We simply sent an email invite and people wanted to come. So we had customers that were genuinely interested in these specific solutions. Simple day.

While we had the resources in the area, they did sales and technical training in our office before their presentation keeping both of these resources busy all day. Great utilization.

Tammy and team did a great job keeping this on task last week while I spent some time on the beach.

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