Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Checking out at the store

All this computer gadgetry, multiple lanes and even self checkout and yet, this continues to be the slowest part of the visit.

Do you have a "Fill in the Blank" card
Do you want a "Fill in the blank" card
how was our service?
Did you find everything?

All said without expression and most of the time without care.

I know we have the ability to put sensors in the product and have it automatically calculate your total and then debit your account. Get that going and I will for sure apply for your "Fill in the blank" card.

Lets use some of that technology for a great use. Would you shop at this place if it reduced your checkout time to almost 0? I would, I would probably pay a little more so I could spend more of my time doing what I want instead of in line!

1 comment:

Stuart R. Crawford said...

Steve, great points. I feel the same way you do. The technology exists and it may even cut down on "shrinkage"

Stuart Crawford