Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The new 23" Monitor

My dad got a new monitor for his PC for Christmas. Anyway he had some questions setting it up. The instructions were not as clear as they could be. They used terms like OSD. I had no idea what OSD meant yet the instructions referenced it a couple of times. Well Google helped me out. On Screen Display.

Anyway, the instructions were in 12 languages, yet I am sure that not one was clear. Sure, it is just a monitor, yet how are consumers supposed to understand the abbreviations. In our industry, we are the kings of abbreviations. Still my favorite is WUS (Pronounced like spelled) That was for Windows Update Server. Now they have changed the name. I am betting that they did not like being called WUS.

Just goes to say, Keep it simple and do not complicate. Write instructions like you would for your dad.

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