Sunday, October 23, 2016

360 Fly Camera

The boys showed me the 360 videos on YouTube and ever since I have wanted one of those camera's. The 360 Fly is a HD 360 camera that is roughly the size of a baseball. Battery life is really good and the app for iPhone/Pad is decent. I don't like that you have to connect via the WiFi direct to camera. I assume this is due to the throughput and Bluetooth could not stream enough to keep up with the feed.

Click HERE for video

I recorded the above video just quickly to see how it looked. You may notice some water drops on the lens, yep it definitely is waterproof (I dropped into the pool and had to fish it out) Remember when watching the video above to look around. If you are on iPad or iPhone you can just move the screen around, if you are on PC just use the mouse.

Battery life is good, it is simple to use and a great start for 360 video. After I have some more time to use the unit I will update everyone.

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