Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 2 in the UK!

So I definitely slept well Saturday night and forced myself to get up at 7 a.m. Had a bit of breakfast and went back to the room to do my ironing for the week, catch some TV and get ready for the week. Around 10 a.m. I was definitely a bit tired and too a quick nap.
Met up with Hardin for Lunch at a local place that was great. This is where I learned that bacon is a bit different here. I would refer to it as Canadian Bacon. However it was a good lunch and great conversation. Hardin and I have done some work together in the South before and I really respect him and gain so much wisdom.

Back to the facility where I finished up my presentations for the week (Yea I know finally) and out to dinner with a couple others at what I would call an American bistro. Good food and more great conversation.
Things I have learned so far?
Que = getting in line (I have been informed that I Que to far back (Personal space is different here)
Lift = Elevator

Sir Name = Last Name
Pub = Short for Public
Elevators have a 13th floor

Crossing the street is a challenge. I never know what direction to look!
Tea is preferred to Coffee which isn’t a huge surprise.
Euro is roughly the same value as the dollar
I now understand the difference between the North and South UK and even more clarity around the far north. And taking that a bit further I am understanding the different accent differences.
You have to ask for the check at the dinner table (It is considered rude to just bring the check) Then a machine is brought to the table to run the bill. Tipping is significantly less.
In the UK they are far ahead of the US when it comes to Credit Cards. They have the chip and a pin. I only have one card with a chip and they keep asking me for the pin. When I say I don’t have one they take that as extremely strange.
Pound is to Dollar. Quid is to Buck.
Everything is expensive but not drastically so (Definitely more in London than Manchester)
Learning things every day (Even every hour) and have decided that Cricket is my new sport to watch (Now that I understand the rules and such)

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