Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Taking out the trash is in my job description!

I remember when I started working several decades ago and was carrying out groceries that when we were not busy it was my job to do whatever needed done around the store.
Cleaning the bathroom
Taking out the trash
Facing shelves
Working back stock
Replacing light bulbs
And so much more as long as it was "Mostly" safe. As I moved jobs to Radio Shack that trend continued. Whatever it took to take care of the customer and keep the store running. Again taking out the trash was required and many other things I didn't like doing.

Last comes my job at Nex-Tech where once again I have found myself taking out the trash. Not as frequently for sure but several times a year for sure. I never once would have thought it to be a problem. This is where my point comes in...

I have heard lately "That is not in my job description!" To be honest my first reaction? Fire them. Ok I calm down a bit but not a lot. If I did just what was in my job description...Wait my job description as a supervisor includes leadership. Leadership means doing what is necessary for your team. And taking out the trash is sometimes necessary. Beyond that, what was being ask of this person was really thought of as a benefit not something negative. Rather they were trying to make a point. (In a negative way)

So how would I handle this?
1. Ask them to write the job description. Hey it is tough!
2. Every job description I have seen says something like 5% misc. IE Whatever you need to do so really everything is in your job description
3. As a supervisor I thing an interview question would be, would you take out the trash or whatever is needed within safety regulations? Moral code?
4. If you have to lean on your "Job Description" as a supervisor I go back to my gut reaction!

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