Monday, March 3, 2014

Do you trust

Trust is hard to come by sometimes?

One important aspect that I have been studying recently is the work, trust relationship. Do you trust your employees to do to their job? Do your employees trust you to lead them?

A highly functioning team has trust both ways. A low performing team is covering their own rear and finding the bus for others.

It is impossible for a medium sized company to have just a few people that can do it all. From accounting to sales there are so many aspects to a company that you need specialists to cover each area.

A big mistake is for management to try and become an expert in most things then they really are average at best. Making the entire company average and what it really does is force those experts to find a company that trusts them.

If you don't trust your experts then do them a favor and let them go. If they don't trust you...

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