Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have some advice

The older I get the less topics and certainty I feel like I can give advice. Almost always, no matter what the question I have to say the answer "Depends" It depends on where you are at, what your goals are, what you want to get accomplished and the entire situation. Should I buy a Ferrari? It depends. If you need to drive 200 mph and have an annual income above $2 Million? Why not. I have also noticed many people giving out advice. They are giving it in certainty. Not asking many questions, just here is the answer. Lets face it, this is easy to digest. Simple and to the point, yet most of the time inaccurate to your situation. Now, I do have one piece of advice I can give for certainty. (And stolen from a song in the 90's) WEAR SUNSCREEN. (See previous post) I have never (And I mean NEVER) regretted wearing sunscreen. I have, however, regretted not wearing it. I am hoping tomorrow I will stop regretting this as much tomorrow. As for today it still hurts. Bottom line, be careful who you get advice. Make sure you have an open conversation path and each party understands the entire situation. Then take your time in understanding the advice. There is no magic pill. Just magic sun protection.

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