Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shopping for jeans?

OK to be honest it has been a while since I have shopped for jeans. However last weekend I went to JC Pennys looking for some new jeans and wow, I was a bit overwhelmed. Boot cut straight Sits low on the waist Sits on the waist Just to mention a few options. Then there is the torn, un-torn and different varieties of such. Last is color. Dark, light, faded and tinted. I am sure I have missed many options. I think I need someone to help me with this. Add age into the factor. Is it strange for a middle aged man (Wow that feels weird) to wear these? One thing I am real sure of. Skinny jeans is not ok on a man. EVER.

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Stephanie Hutley said...

Well if you are ever in the KC Metro area again, there is a Lee outlet in the Legends outlet center. U can buy good jean that are normal, at least for our age group, and cheap. They just didn't pass the quality control standards for the company, most I found just had dye lot problems, not noticible. Plus evey price range from $7 - $ 11. Good luck Steve.