Sunday, February 5, 2012

An update on the Lenovo ThinkPad Android Tablet

I was struggling with the tablet lately. The battery was not lasting a day, even if I didn't use it at all the battery would die in 2 days. A couple of weeks ago when I was out of town, I had it sitting on the night stand and I noticed it was going on and off. I Googled the problem and it looks like there is a group of these units that have power button issues. Support shipped me a box to put the unit in next day and off it went. 7 days later it came back and I am much happier. It now lasts like it should. The unit must have been defective from day one.

Other issues? Really none. I wish the hand writing application would integrate into OneNote. It sounds like it is going to go from 3.1 Android to IceCream (4.0) Loren already upgraded his Motorola to 4.0 and it cleans things up nicely. My understanding is that 4.0 is supposed to converge phones and tablets. That would be nice.

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