Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy weekend

Basketball first thing Saturday morning then a quick trip to Salina and we ate at Spangles. Some supplies picked up at Sams Club where we waited in line to renew our membership which we were supposed to get a $25 gift card that ended up to be $10. Then off to Topeka to see my parents.

Caden spent some time in the woods trying to find Bigfoot
Carsen did a little dancing.
I rebuilt my dads computer and set up his new home theater system. A Bose sound bar and Samsung Blu-ray player. Once again, Bose is very expensive however delivers on its quality of sound and ease of use. This really small speaker system filled a large room with no problem.

Today we finished the trip to KC to see Chase (My sisters new addition) get baptized. Short time with family and then a trip home.

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